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Which is more secure: Onsite or offsite servers?

Many SMBs wonder whether onsite or offsite servers offer higher levels of security. Either option could help your business grow. Over the last few years, though, more companies have found that they benefit most from a hybrid approach that improves their security and data protection.

5 ways Veeam backup boosts your overall cybersecurity

Veeam backup capabilities can improve overall cybersecurity. ISG has partnered with Veeam to provide managed cloud backup services. Companies can take advantage of the advanced Veeam capabilities in a managed environment to increase accuracy and avoid capital outlay.

The best IT support tasks to trust to your MSP

Allow your in-house IT staff to focus on more strategic duties while outsourcing important support tasks such as security updates, DNS Certificate Management and data backup to an MSP. An MSP offers around the clock IT support both on and off premise.

How to efficiently and effectively execute any IT project

Taking a project from inception to successful completion is something every business needs to do on a regular basis.There needs to be a detailed plan in place to make sure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. There are five specific steps to take when carrying out any type of IT project.

The biggest cybersecurity breaches of 2017 and what we can learn from them

If we’ve learned anything from the biggest cybersecurity breaches of 2017, it’s this: no one is immune from online threats. Not even the largest companies with millions in technology resources, serious cybersecurity measures and strong reputations as household names. 2017 came and went with multiple significant cybersecurity breaches involving major organizations. And the bad news […]