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The Most Important Types of Recovery Sites For Business

An incomplete disaster recovery plan is a huge risk for a business. All businesses experience serious disruptions from weather or a cyber attack; the best way for companies to survive is through preparedness. Cold, warm, and hot recovery sites offer a few ways to be ready.

What to cover in your business continuity plan

While a disaster recovery plan is crucial to maintaining data integrity, a business continuity plan is more than that. DR is often integrated into BC, but a BC plan specifically looks at how your business will continue to serve its customers during recovery from a disaster or event.

The top 4 video conferencing solutions for small businesses

If you’re looking for a video conferencing solution for your SMB, there are lots of options available, from simple free tools to commercial applications with cloud support, unified communications systems, and file sharing. Let’s take a look at four of the best solutions for small businesses.

How to build a disaster management plan

While data backup is important, you need additional measures to ensure compliance and continuity of critical business systems. Implemented alongside a continuity plan, disaster management has the ability to reduce data losses, minimize downtime, and promote a healthy business reputation.

3 of the best online meeting platforms

Online meetings are only as good as the platform you use for them. An easy-to-navigate, well-designed platform can make online meetings a breeze. A platform that doesn’t fit for you will make them torture. Here are three of the best options out there right now.

Why does your business need a proper backup policy?

No matter which industry or sector you serve, proper backup is pivotal. Data loss can seriously cripple a business of any size. A good backup strategy is the best way to avoid losing essential information due to systems failures, security breaches or plain old human error.

The compelling benefits of getting on a video conference call

Since its arrival, the web-based video conference call has made a huge impression on businesses and users alike. Simply by allowing participants to engage visually with one another, rather than relying solely on audio communication, video conference calls have changed the way that we do business.