Financial Technology

The quality of technology infrastructure drives the quality and competitiveness of a financial practice or institution. From boutique advisors to the world’s largest banks, people running financial businesses must solve challenges in security, in client interaction, in channel integration—and a good deal more. That’s your job.

The technology infrastructure you require to meet the complex problems challenges you face is unique to the financial industry—often you depend on custom systems and customized configurations. Keeping everything running and ready to accept new technologies (such as Internet of Things) is a constant challenge that demands constant attention. That’s our job.


ISG and Finance

Since ISG installed its first financial system over 30 years go, we’ve developed a strong, up-to-date understanding of the challenges to comply with regulations, keep the back office lean and efficient, and provide the tools so that front office staff can keep clients satisfied. To do that, we’ll install and manage some or all of the full range of technologies you need. That includes:

  • Computing technology – those that your staff use, those that your clients access, and those that do the backend heavy lifting for your transactions.
  • Application technology – from the mobile app to the client portal—and the security that keeps it safe and working all the time.
  • Storage technology – Finance faces Big Data challenges: the best place to store it, the best way to protect it, and the best plan for unforeseen catastrophe.
  • Network technology – As the Cloud becomes part of some of your infrastructure, the network—speed, reliability and security—becomes ever more critical.


How We Partner with You

You may have a very specific task to solve—update your storage, backup and disaster recovery processes for instance. Or you may want to begin a broader transformation: updating and upgrading the infrastructure and services. No matter where you fall, we’re ready to help.

  • Assemble a Top-Notch Team – You’ll start with a Solution Development Architect and a Professional Services SME who know technology and finance. They’ll learn about the type of firm you are, your transaction profiles, the usage patterns of your clients and partners, and the technology you use to service them.
  • Provide a Strategic Recommendation – From those meetings emerge the architecture we’ll propose: we always strive to preserve your existing technology, especially things like your custom trading systems. To that we’ll recommend and implement new services, appliances and systems to achieve your goals.
  • Implement & Test (and then test again) – The installation, implementation and test phase is structured to be as non-disruptive as possible. We will develop, test and stage your systems so that our work never interferes with your round-the-clock production systems.
  • Flexible Training & Support – We’ll teach your team how to use the applications and systems we implement: on site, remotely or at our offices. That includes ongoing 24/7 support.
  • Proactive Maintenance – And we’ll track and maintain the entire system, proactively stopping issues before they occur, and responding to problems if they do.


Let’s Get IT Started

To stay on the forefront of technology, you need a partner who has financial services experience and expertise – someone who understands your unique challenges. You need a partner who know that IT doesn’t just keep the business running, it keeps the business growing. You need ISG Technology. Let’s Get IT Started today.

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