Public Sector Technology

In the public sector, technology has many goals: perhaps chief among them being openness, security, and analytics. Government must provide increasing amounts of self service activity for citizens, from paying fees to accessing information. Today, people demand more from government services than ever before: and they want agencies to provide it across every device they own. That’s your job.

Nowhere is the challenge that technology has to meet greater than in the public sector. From adhering to the laws and regulations of government, to creating highly advanced and highly secure self-service portals across all levels of government, to handling the massive amounts of data generated. That’s our job.


ISG and the Public Sector

From working with local municipalities, to implementing point solutions, to providing the backend infrastructure that drives a full range of government services, ISG has been working with the public sector for many years. That includes:

  • Computing technology – for fast response to citizens, for enhanced collaboration between staff and between agencies, and for the processing horsepower need to perform analytics on massive data sets.
  • Application technology – for data analysis systems, for citizen portals and transaction sites, and for creating multichannel and omnichannel access to services and information for everyone.
  • Storage technology – for maintaining the massive amount of data generated by government, for sharing and securing that information, and for preventing a loss of that data due to catastrophe or criminality.
  • Network technology – for ensuring that “connected government” stays connected every second of every day.


How We Work with You

From implementing a single solution for a specific problem to updating your full infrastructure, ISG has the experience, the processes and the talent to do it all for you.

  • Assemble a Top-Notch Team – A dedicated Solution Development Architect and a Professional Services SME, skilled in technology and knowledgeable about the challenges the public sector faces, are assigned to you. They’ll learn about your agency, the constituents you serve, and the ways those people access your services.
  • Provide a Strategic Recommendation – Out of those discussions will come an architectural recommendation—one of whose chief components is retaining as much of your existing systems as possible. We’ll spell out the new systems and services we think you need to serve your citizens and support your staff.
  • Test the Solution (and then test it again) – Government services—both citizen facing and administrative—can’t go down. Our installation, implementation and testing is done on development and staging servers: only when everything’s ready do we switch the new systems over to production servers.
  • Train and Support – We’ll teach your team how to use the applications and systems we implement, on site, remotely or at our offices. That includes ongoing 24/7 support, for both you and your constituents.


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