Video: The Anatomy of an Attack – Vol. 2

Watch Cisco’s Ransomware Video: The Anatomy of an Attack to see how an effective ransomware attack comes together. This is why today’s enterprises require effective security. Learn how Cisco Email Security and Umbrella DNS provide dynamic security against ransomware. Umbrella DNS is cloud-based to provide security for all users on or off a network – essential cover for mobile devices and employees working out of office.

Only suspicious websites are redirected by Umbrella DNS for further investigation, offering robust security without compromising network speed or performance. If you manage to connect to a malicious website, Umbrella DNS blocks the site from requesting data, protecting your network until the threat is removed.

When you put ISG Technology to work for you, you don’t just put industry leading security experts on your team, you put security at the top of your priority list. You put the concern that someone might be selling you a short-sighted solution to the wayside. You put trust back where it belongs – on your side.

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