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Managed services equip companies to deal with changing cybersecurity landscape

Preventing cyberthreats and responding quickly to security issues are some of the biggest challenges for[...]

Federal big data initiatives make data management paramount concern

Effective data management will be a critical concern as the United States federal government ramps[...]

Disaster recovery services, cybersecurity critical to protecting electric grid from attacks

Ramping up disaster recovery services and cybersecurity protocols is key to shielding the smart electric[...]

Disaster-recovery-as-a-service market emphasizes changing priorities

Disaster recovery, once a relative afterthought or nonentity in business planning, is now a central[...]

Getting cloud storage services at the right price

Organizations should practice due diligence when evaluating cloud storage services pricing models.

Why it's time to invest in a third-party data center

Rising data center complexity means that for many companies, continuing to support an in-house data[...]

Optimizing data center strategies for financial services firms

New technologies, rising costs and data management issues are driving compatibility issues in traditional data[...]

Target breach fallout highlights importance of comprehensive malware removal

Without proactive malware removal, organizations are putting themselves at serious risk.

Managed services can help organizations avoid top 10 business hazards

Managed services enable businesses to more successfully navigate a threat-laden enterprise landscape.

Who really cares about BYOD?

The BYOD movement is well on its way to fundamentally reshaping enterprise communications - so[...]