ISG Vault 

Vault empowers you to hurdle the IT challenges that get thrown in your path. Challenges that can weigh down your resources and keep you from rising up to meet opportunities. With Vault, you’ll discover managed IT services designed to free you from the connectivity, infrastructure, and upkeep burdens, unleashing your potential to make that leap to the next level.


ISG Vault is a programmatic approach to IT planning that helps organizations continuously level up operational maturity while also maximizing Return on Technology Investment (ROTI). 

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Business and IT leaders coming together to envision how technology can accelerate business growth.

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Objective assessment of your IT Maturity Level (ITML), network inventory and security.

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Coming together as a group to align on a realistic roadmap to achieve the strategic vision.

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Freeing IT resources from the tactical shackles of day-to-day IT support so they can refocus their efforts.

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Ongoing measurement of IT operational performance and the trajectory of the organization.

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Step 1


Far too many organizations in today’s world lack a unified vision for their company’s technology strategy, which leads to negative outcomes such as failed technology initiatives, missed opportunities, employee and customer dissatisfaction, security risks and more.

ISG Vault helps overcome this by bringing business and IT leadership together to visualize how technology can propel the organization forward. We help you imagine what’s possible, align your priorities and document an aspirational vision.

Step 2


Having an aspirational vision for your technology is critical. But you have to marry that with an objective perspective of your current situation. During this phase, we help you assess three areas:

  • IT Infrastructure – to ensure the foundation that your business is built upon can support your growth goals.
  • Security Posture – to better understand your exposure to cyber risk.
  • IT Maturity Level (ITML) – a comprehensive look at your IT practices
Step 3


Once you’ve established a vision for the future and assessed where you curently are, it’s time to unify around a plan to help you get there. During the unify phase, we help business and IT leaders establish a game plan that addresses both short– and long–term needs of the business.

KPIs, project milestones and a cadence of check-ins are established to help you begin working your Trajectory Plan.

Step 4


With a plan in place, we begin implementation – working with your team to liberate them from tactical IT taks so they can focus on strategic initiatives that highlight their unique skill set.

The result is happier, more productive end users, a reinvigorated IT team and progress on projects that were previously back-logged due to competing priorities.

Step 5


As an ISG Vault customer, you’ll experience two types of meetings to track the progress you’re making.

Progress Check-Ins – On a monthly basis, we take a look backwards to see how we are performing. This involves ticketing trends, results of simulated phishing tests, performance against SLAs, etc. 

Business Reviews – On a quarterly basis, we sit down with you to look at the future of your business and the technology you need to support your vision. 

Level Up

Not All IT Departments Provide Strategic Value To The Organization

With ISG Vault, we help you improve your IT Maturity Level (ITML) by benchmarking where you are and giving you the tools and guidance you need to get to the next level.

01 OML


At level 1, you’re just trying to keep the lights on. Includes responding to user issues, disparate tools and manual reporting, limited security and visibility of IT assets, weak IT management processes.

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02 OML


At level 2, you’ve begun managing IT systematically. Includes centralizing IT management & reporting, consistent discovery and audit of IT inventory, monitoring for IT deviations, basic security and compliance practices, rudimentary IT management processes established.

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03 OML


At level 3, you’re preventing problems before they occur & formalizing IT processes. Includes policy-based IT automation, Automated IT maintenance, documented, automated remediation of IT deviations, strong security and compliance management, Formalized IT management processes

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04 OML


At level 4, you’re making data driven decisions & managing to documented SLAs. Includes predictive monitoring and analytics, Integrated management information and reporting, streamlined IT management processes.

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05 OML


At level 5, you’re providing solutions to business problems & adding strategic value. Includes effectively responding to business demands, documented value to the business, Partnership in choosing and managing cloud services.

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