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Organizations worldwide face challenges in efficiently detecting and responding to modern cyberthreats. Despite deploying security tools, the absence of round-the-clock coverage, extensive security operations expertise, and a well-staffed security team often leads to undetected threats lingering for months. High-profile data breaches occur not because of security tool failures, but due to overlooked or unaddressed alerts. 

The ISG MDR solution leverages security technologies within your current environment so you can quickly detect, respond, and recover from threats without worrying about vendor lock-in, or replacing your existing systems. Eliminate alert fatigue and false positives to promote a faster response with detection and response capabilities tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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Why ISG MDR Solutions

With the ever-evolving sophistication of threats, responsive security measures aren’t enough. MDR is a proactive approach to keep you aware and ready to prevent breaches before they occur.

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See more with continuous monitoring and threat hunting managed by security operations experts

  • Broad visibility
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Threat hunting


Managed investigation and rapid response to quickly contain threats

  • Managed investigations
  • Incident response
  • Log retention and search


Learn from incidents and implement custom rules and workflows for proactive protection

  • Guided remediation
  • Root cause analysis
  • Personalized engagement

We utilize your existing technology and hardware to collect information from various sources such as networks, endpoints, and cloud environments in order to gain a deeper understanding of potential security threats and incidents. This gives our engineers valuable visibility into your overall security posture so we can effectively monitor for any potential threats.

Event monitoring will swiftly detect any movement of threats and trigger containment protocols that will stop the spread of threats by preventing host devices from communicating externally, as well as with other devices on your network.

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