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Prevention Security from ISG Technology creates the multi-layered security approach you need to minimize threats posed by your biggest vulnerability – your employees.

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Your employees will always be your biggest asset. But let’s face it, when it comes to cyber security, they are undoubtedly your biggest liability. The only thing standing between cyber criminals and your sensitive data and
systems is a single click.

With over 3.4 billion phishing emails sent daily, it’s absolutely critical you have the right layers of protection in place. When you do, you can turn your biggest vulnerability into an incredibly powerful first line of defense.

ProteCt & Prevent

Protect Your Team with Prevention Security 

Your employees are the first line of defense, which makes training and security prevention a priority. Our team will help you ensure you’re protected with:

  • Email Security
  • Employee Testing & Training
  • Simulated Phishing Campaigns
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Web Security

Roughly 90% of data breaches originate as phishing emails. Phishing attacks may increase by as much as 400% year-over-year.

– US Federal Bureau of Investigation

The 3-2-1 backup best practices rule recommends creating 3 copies of your data, on 2 different media formats, with 1 of those off-site. As an ISG Backup client, we ensure you achieve this. And we make it easier than ever. Here’s what else.

Advanced Email Security

ISG’s advanced email security stops threats before they arrive in your user’s inbox.

  • Detects and blocks impostor email, phishing, malware, spam, bulk mail and more
  • Fully managed by ISG – filtering rules, black and white list management, configured to industry best practices with full reporting
  • Raises end-user security awareness (color coded email to indicate possible threats)
  • Billions of malicious messages processed each day – helps detect faster and protect better

Security Awareness Testing & Training

We help you turn your employees into the next line of defense (a human firewall) with security awareness testing & training:

  • Prevents against social engineering
  • Ongoing simulated phishing campaigns
  • Identify your most “phish prone” users
  • Customized, interactive, video training
  • Create your culture of security
  • Fully managed by ISG – phishing campaign set up, user training, reports and more

Web Security

ISG Web security protects against threats staged on the Internet.

  • Security at the DNS and IP layers
  • Users are protected wherever they are
  • Identifies and blocks threats staged on the Internet before they are even launched
  • Protection for employees not on VPN
  • Deep insights/analytics on user activity
  • Fully managed by ISG – filtering rules, black & white list, reporting and more

Endpoint Protection

When threats make it past other layers, endpoint protection steps in to help prevent infiltration.

  • Analyzes data from over 95+ million sensors to log and block threats
  • Powered by advanced machine learning
  • Prevents files from being executed
  • Cloud-based, very lightweight agent
  • Fully managed by ISG – reporting, application white listing, updates and scanning managed globally

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