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MSSP, SOCaaS, & Concierge Security Team: Which Outsourced Security Service is Best for My Business?

Business cybersecurity can be challenging to navigate—especially when you have so many services to choose from.  Though it’s possible for some businesses to tackle their own cybersecurity, it requires hiring several highly skilled specialists, which can be very expensive. For this reason, most companies outsource their security services to providers who come at an affordable […]

Deal with Breaches Effectively: Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Business success today revolves around technology. From communicating with your team and clients to storing critical data, almost every operation within modern organizations depends on well-run IT. With this digital dependency comes the need for businesses to continually enhance the protection of their  technological assets.  Cyberattacks have increased in size and scope over the years, […]

Why Cyberattacks Are on the Rise — And How to Prevent Them

Cyberattacks have become so common that some experts believe that ransomware—a type of attack that holds your computer system hostage until you pay a ransom—will attack a business every 11 seconds by the end of 2021.  As the number of crimes increases year after year, cybersecurity becomes more important. Without reliable cybersecurity, your business could […]

5 Advantages of SIEM-as-a-Service

It’s no surprise that data рrоteсtiоn and сyberseсurity have become an essential part of every соmраny. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is а set of integrated log mаnаgement and mоnitоring tооls thаt help оrgаnizаtiоns detect targeted аttасks and data breасhes.  SIEM systems aggregate аnd examine log event information from devices, infrastructure, systems, and аррliсаtiоns […]

How Web Filtering Increases Productivity and Security

In 2021, remote working will not just be a temporary solution for global enterprises. It is already the new normal.  With everyone using the internet for a wide range of daily activities and communication, are you aware of how susceptible to attacks you and the rest of your team may be? Do you have a […]

Understanding Endpoint Protection

Cybersecurity threats have become complex and sophisticated. Organizations are at risk of attacks from hackers, malicious threats, and even insider attacks. According to Forbes, 70% of all threats occur at the endpoint. Endpoint protection has advanced to cushion organizations from cyberattacks and safeguard data. Endpoint protection is the act of securing networks from all points […]

Overcoming Alert Fatigue

The major challenge in cybersecurity protection isn’t the lack of capable tools. It’s actually the human element. Cybersecurity teams experience alert fatigue, which hinders their ability to deal with threats. Modern threat protection solutions generate many alerts, but not all received alerts pose threats. According to a study by McAfee, over 40% of IT experts […]

The First 48: A Security Incident Response Panel Discussion

The Critical Steps to Take After a Cyber Breach It happened. You’ve been hit with ransomware. Systems are locked down. Data is encrypted. And your employees are wondering what’s happening. What do you do? Unfortunately, far too many businesses in today’s world are unprepared for this situation. And according to Cybersecurity Ventures, it’s happening every […]

The Role of Firewalls in Defending Your Data

A firewall is an essential part of your cybersecurity. It serves an integral part in your organization’s defense against threats and cyber attacks. A firewall protects many vulnerable programs on your systems. It forms one of the crucial layers in a company’s layered security strategy. If you want a layered security architecture, you need a […]

ISG CEO, Ben Foster, Named to Family Business CEOs to Watch 2020

ISG Technology CEO, Ben Foster, was recently named to the Family Business CEOs to Watch 2020, a publication that recognizes family and non-family chief executives who are leading their businesses with a view toward long-term success. According to Family Business Magazine, a family business chief executive must have the talent to steer the business to growth and […]