White Paper: Tech For Community Banks

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community-banksIn the face of regulatory changes and cybersecurity threats, IT plays a more critical role than ever for community banks. This free report will teach you how to not just survive, but how to thrive, with technology as a main driver. Topics covered include:

  • Key trends in regulation and market forces driving change
  • How video conferencing can improve the client experience
  • The latest developments in cybersecurity and what you need to prepare
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: are you ready?

Options For Cloud Communications Infrastructure

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cloud-comA business has many priorities.  With so much on your mind, your phone system might be something that you haven’t thought about in a while. Perhaps you have a few phone lines or a trunk that connect to an internal system like a private branch exchange (PBX). It seems to do the job, but are there modern alternatives out there that might help your business be more productive?

For many years, ISG Technology engineers have designed and installed customized on-site sophisticated phone systems with advanced features, such as video conferencing and collaboration tools. But those solutions can require relatively large up-front investments in equipment, which doesn’t work for every business. Now, ISG Technology is also offering an impressive array of communication capabilities to businesses using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology and a cloud-based Hosted Voice service.

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Implementing an Effective Hybrid Cloud

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Getting a hybrid cloud right starts in the data center. It also means knowing potential headaches related to multi-vendor management.

This free report answers your questions related to hybrid cloud, including:

  • What are the advantages of hybrid cloud over pure public cloud?
  • 3 common hybrid cloud use cases
  • 4 roadblocks to identify and overcome
  • Going beyond “checkbox” comparisons of vendors
  • The importance of bandwidth and network connectivity to the hybrid cloud


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White Paper: Big Data & Virtualization

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A 10% increase in data accessibility adds more than $65 million in net income for the average Fortune 1000 organization. This free report helps you navigate through the complexity of virtualization, including:

  • The one critical mistake hindering progress
  • 3 key drivers addressed by virtualization
  • 5 common objections, and why they are wrong
  • ROI calculator