A recent study by management consulting and technology services firm Accenture revealed that a growing number of enterprise decision-makers are relying more heavily on technology to make changes in their business.

“90% of senior decision-makers expect technology to transform their companies.”

According to the report – which surveyed nearly 2,000 senior decision-makers in 15 countries – 90 percent of respondents expect digital technologies to transform their companies. At the same time, 87 percent of participants said their organization had made significant inroads to adopting digital technologies within the last 12 months.

While enterprise technology is useful for numerous reasons, one of the key drivers for adoption was the ability to increase mobility. When participants were asked which technologies their companies had already successfully adopted, nearly two-thirds responded with mobility.

A variety of benefits can be realized with the adoption of digital technologies, but one of the most widely reported was the creation of new revenue opportunities, with 48 percent of respondents experiencing that advantage. Another 46 percent reported faster time to market for products and services, and 45 percent said they were now able to provide more rapid responses to client demands.

As technology becomes a more essential part of the enterprise, organizations are shifting their focus.As technology becomes a more essential part of the enterprise, organizations are shifting their focus.

Use of technology causing companies to restructure 
Businesses are beginning to completely restructure their departments to make the best use of technology possible, as well as to ensure the most beneficial decisions are being made. The report found that 83 percent of organizations have implemented a holistic strategy and a central team to oversee the implementation and management of new technologies. Another 80 percent of companies have appointed a chief digital officer to help with large-scale adoption and ensure the technology being employed is being used in the best way.

“The benefits of digital technology are not just being talked about anymore, but are being put into action as organizations are reshaping themselves to take advantage,” said Jim Bailey, global managing director for Accenture Mobility. “A vast majority of respondents said their business had made significant inroads in using digital technologies over the past year – to grow their client base and or to enhance their overall enterprise efficiency – but acknowledged there is still some way to go.”

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