ISG Technology StorageStorage is the required backbone for a data-driven organization. Fast, reliable access to data supports analytics efforts across your organization. Whether your needs are for file system access or application data across the network, ISG engineers can work with you to develop a long-term strategy to meet your storage needs.

StorageLittle-min-minNetwork Attached Storage (NAS): When you have multiple users and systems that need to share data, Network Attached Storage (NAS) may be the right solution for you. Let ISG help you determine the right type and the right size storage solution for you.

Storage Area Network (SAN): A Storage Area Network (SAN) solution can help you connect your data and your users to the information they need. For companies whose storage has grown too large and have volumes of interconnected storage devices, this solution makes these capabilities available to a wide range of users and systems. ISG can help you review your storage situation to help determine the right SAN solution for your company’s demanding storage needs.

Flash Storage: Flash storage may be a fit for many organizations with highly transactional, performance-oriented business applications requiring high IOPS, low latency, and high capacity. Whether you’re evaluating your need for a flash storage solution or evaluating options for additional flash capacity, the experts at ISG can assist you meeting your long-term business objectives with the perfect-fit storage solution.

Big Data: If your company is considering a big data initiative – or if you’ve already started your journey – you already know what intense storage demands look like. ISG can help you size your solution to fit these extensive storage demands.

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