It’s no secret that the economy has transformed faster than most businesses can keep up. The digital economy makes it easier for smaller, agile companies to quickly spin up applications and compete with established companies that rely on traditional IT infrastructures.

To compete, companies must respond quickly to customer and market needs. However, traditional IT infrastructures hamper this goal. Ongoing IT operations can be cumbersome and complex, and siloed infrastructure means lots of moving parts, many of which don’t talk to each other.

Additionally, the process of provisioning compute, storage, and networking resources to support new business applications or seasonal capacity requirements can be slow and painstaking.

To simplify operations, achieve higher performance, speed up provisioning, and keep costs in line, many organizations are looking to the cloud to supplement their on-premises infrastructures. However, for companies that want or need to keep their core applications and sensitive data in-house, a cloud-only approach isn’t feasible.

Using hyperconvergence, IT can now cost-effectively deploy their business applications in a virtualized environment while achieving cloud-like performance. Hyper converged solutions such as the Hewlett Packard Enterprise SimpliVity 380, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, deliver a revolutionary IT infrastructure that delivers lower-cost, high-performance data efficiency, and built-in data protection, all within an integrated modular package.

HPE SimpliVity: Purpose-Built for Performance, Scalability, and Operational Efficiency

The powerful HPE SimpliVity 380, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, gives IT the lower-cost, easier-to-manage option they need to future-proof their data center, manage capacity, and build a flexible virtual infrastructure. This translates to several benefits for virtual infrastructure initiatives:

  • Lower total cost of ownership — save through reduced storage requirements (data deduplication), and integrated virtualization solutions
  • Flexibility — scale easily and less expensively by adding additional HPE SimpliVity 380 systems, and managing through a single interface
  • Improved operational efficiency — increase time spent on new projects by 80%
  • Rapid service agility — deploy, clone, or restore VMs in just seconds
  • Superior data protection — reduce backup and recovery times from hours to seconds

Resource silos across business units dissolve, providing fluid resource pools that any group can access. These are all steps in the process to transform IT into a strategic value creator and broker of resources whenever they are needed.

To learn more about HPE SimpliVity and if it’s right for you, contact us. As an HPE Platinum Partner with deep technology and industry expertise, we are committed to helping you find the right solution for your business, from among a broad array of high-quality options from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.