Pandemic has struck the globe. Workforces have been sent home. And the IT team has scrambled to make it happen in record time.

Words can’t describe how impressed we’ve been at the business community’s response to enabling a remote workforce at such a rapid pace. And as an IT services provider, we hold the fellow IT professionals at the companies we serve in very high regard. We’ve seen so many of you working tirelessly to serve the needs of the business to ensure we keep our communities safe. Kudos to you.

When social distancing is no longer the norm, we’ll find a local watering hole and buy you a well deserved drink!

Until then, we want to provide a resource for you to ensure you’ve “checked all the boxes” as you go remote. Normally, making a transformation of this magnitude is planned out months, often times years, in advance. Use this checklist to ensure your network remains secure, your users are as productive as possible and business continuity remains in tact.

Download the Checklist

Remote Workforce Checklist

If you have any questions during the COVID-19 crisis, please don’t hesitate to contact our COVID-19 Task force via email. Good luck. And stay safe out there.