While the government has made great strides in adopting modern technology platforms, it was recently revealed that the Department of Defense has fallen into a common technology mistake while implementing its new cloud environment.

According to a recent audit by the inspector general, a plan was created in July 2012 to transition to the cloud in an effort to experience the benefits and cost savings associated with the technology, but the entirety of the plan has yet to be implemented. The report found that elements of the cloud environment and guidance on specific roles of the platform have not been fully deployed two years after the program was introduced. By stalling on the implementation, the department is facing potential losses in cost savings, decreased effectiveness and lowered security.

The initial intent of the DoD's cloud program was to cut down on redundant efforts. Part of the issue currently causing delays is that the agency has yet to create an implementation plan to assign roles, responsibilities and goals for the transition, preventing a successful adoption.

"By failing to execute all elements identified in the cloud computing strategy, DoD may not realize the full benefits of cloud computing, which include cost savings, increased mission effectiveness, and increased cybersecurity," the report stated.

Be prepared for the cloud transition
While government agencies have more stringent requirements than most civilian organizations, a similar scenario could easily happen to an enterprise attempting to deploy a cloud platform without a clear strategy. Before migrating to a cloud environment, businesses must take stock of the systems and applications that will be moving to the cloud. Migration planning allows redundant programs to be detected and eliminated before they are transitioned, which increases cost savings in the long run. Assigning benchmarks and goals for implementation can be helpful to ensure expectations are met and the cloud platform is set up in a way that is most beneficial to a company. 

Utilizing the services of a third-party cloud provider can help make the transition to cloud computing simple and painless. Once an inventory has been taken of the necessary systems, a provider like ISG Technology can handle the transition as well as the maintenance of the environment. Working with a trusted, reliable third-party provider takes the hassle out of cloud deployment, allowing enterprises to experience only the benefits that come with use of the cloud.