Staying connected has always been a huge part of conducting business. However, as technology becomes more advanced, new and more complex avenues of communication will begin to play a larger role in the average day-to-day operation of many companies. 

It is this increase in communication complexity that is giving rise to something called Unified Communications as a Service. Basically, UCaaS ties together multiple modes of conversation under a singular software umbrella to simplify a company's communication needs. Considering the wide variety of ways people talk to each other, ranging from voice calls to instant messaging systems, putting all forms under a single platform has many benefits. 

These benefits work toward cutting both cost and confusion in communication, and have a major role in Transparency Market Research finding that the global UCaaS market is expected to be worth $37.85 billion by 2022. During the forecast period of 2014 and 2022, this equals out to the market rising at a compound annual growth rate of 24.4 percent. 

Communication is vital
Considering how important passing information from one employee to the next is within a business, this massive growth within the UCaaS industry is hardly surprising. Communication is a quickly evolving field, and keeping up with it all can be quite the hassle. 

In fact, one of the main drivers behind UCaaS's projected growth comes from the Internet of Things revolution. This trend of connecting random devices, such as a refrigerator that orders food online when you're running low, poses many concerns in how communication will evolve in the coming years. 

Market research company Frost & Sullivan marked the importance of the IoT revolution in terms of the UCaaS market in a February 2015 report on the matter. The firm expects there to be as many as 80 billion connected devices by 2020. Frost & Sullivan project this will cause major problems with the average business's ability to manage its communication needs, due to the unprecedented number of devices that will be able to talk to each other very soon.

This fact, coupled with the growing BYOD trend many companies seem to find themselves a part of, shows that businesses may need to take a deeper look at their communication needs. With BYOD's popularity comes the problem of securing all the modes of communication employees bring to the office. 

And while this brave new world of treating communications as managed services may be confusing for some companies, thankfully ISG Technology is here to make things easy. ISG Technology can help make investing in UCaaS painless and cost-effective