As companies grow and mature, their IT infrastructure needs to evolve with them. This includes capabilities surrounding mobile app development and operations workflows. More enterprise technology begins to revolve around mobile devices, and making sure your company is on top of the game and surmounting the challenges of mobile app development is going to be hugely important.

Demand for mobile apps is increasing at an astonishing rate. According to IT research firm Gartner, there will be 2.1 billion mobile phones sold by 2019. As a result, by the end of 2017, this demand will be growing at least five times faster than IT can deliver.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with app development challenges within your organization:

1. Establish goals before beginning

Any development project should have concrete goals. The first step in any successful initiative is to ensure that there is a particular end in mind before you get started. It could help to ask certain kinds of questions:

  • Where does mobile fit into the IT strategy of this organization?
  • How do we prioritize mobile projects?
  • What kind of security do we need for these development projects?

By first establishing end goals of the app development aspect of your organization’s IT infrastructure, it greatly increases the chance for success.

It's important to first develop goals as far as your mobile IT strategy.It’s important to first develop goals as far as your mobile IT strategy.

2. Invest in the cloud

Mobile Enterprise contributor Sravish Sridhar noted in March 2015 that 63 percent of enterprise CIOs are going to consider deploying mobile projects in the cloud. With the inherent cost savings, scalability and flexibility that cloud environments offer, deploying and developing applications in the cloud can take a lot of headache away from IT endeavors.

“Leveraging the cloud during app development can be beneficial during prototyping or parallel branch development,” Sridhar noted

“Demand for mobile app development is increasing at an astonishing rate.”

3. Take advantage of continuous integration and delivery

One of the basic tenets of agile app development and DevOps methodologies is the idea of continuous integration and delivery. According to IBM, the pressure on development teams to push apps to market as quickly as possible has generated a need for agile development methods that integrate the steps of planning, development, testing and delivery into one continuous process – instead of conducting each step linearly. You should utilize these techniques to make it easier to create and deploy applications.

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