How To Speed Up Applications

Critical workloads and applications like Oracle, VMware, virtual machines and more run on the traditional storage area network (SAN). Business users expect a certain level of immediacy when opening applications. In truth, that level of responsiveness wouldn’t be possible without an efficient storage solution.

Whether it’s big data servers, email, the CRM system or document management system, they all would run at a snail’s pace without the right SAN. If you want your sleek, new applications to perform at their peak to maintain a productive workforce, make sure your SAN is prepared to make it happen.

Because companies have a lot of capital tied up in storage technology, the desire to extend and enhance existing system isn’t surprising. Storage solutions exist at the heart of the data center, and the key to success is to first determine which storage systems are right for your specific strategic business needs.Since the data boom between 2011 and 2013, companies are being inundated with new customer data. This surge in data requires storage solutions that can keep up with it all. The storage hardware, software and services industry has grown more than 50 percent—from a $43 billion industry in 2009 to $65 billion in 2015. We’re seeing this demand continue to rise.

Assessments can analyze every byte of data throughout your storage solutions and clean up old data that often gets left behind by legacy applications. Next Gen converged infrastructure solutions and storage offerings may be used to take once-divided data centers and unify them to streamline business processes and application performance. These converged or hyper-converged solutions can be built for your unique workloads and environment to solve your specific business needs.