When it comes to managing complicated IT infrastructure, businesses in every industry need as much support as they can get. Business complexity is generally frowned upon in the technology world, because complication within the networking infrastructure can lead to headaches for administrators down the line. Investing in managed services can help decrease this kind of complexity and give IT managers peace of mind knowing their networks are in good hands. But why?

It’s clear that small, medium-sized and large businesses are turning to outsourcing IT. According to a report published by MarketsandMarkets in early 2015, the market for managed services will reach a value of $193.34 billion by 2019, growing at a compound annual rate of 12.5 percent. Data centers, mobile networks and communications capabilities are all things that fall under the umbrella of this market.

The question remains of why businesses should migrate toward hiring an outside company to manage their internal network infrastructure. Let’s take a look at a few reasons IT outsourcing provides companies with the right kind of support and capabilities to manage complicated networks:

1. It can be less expensive than hiring in-house
In the increasingly complex world of IT infrastructure, it’s crucial to consider both the capital and operational expenditures of investing in new equipment or personnel. Oftentimes, it can be a financial hassle to hire specialized IT employees – and then keep them on the payroll. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is not having to maintain an in-house IT department.

Since you’re reducing operational expenditures in the long run by hiring an outside company to manage your network infrastructure, those saved funds can be put to good use elsewhere. Demand Media contributor Samantha Gluck noted that when you turn to IT outsourcing, you can better manage expenses and therefore place more financial focus on the core functions of your business.

Keeping an in-house IT staff can be expensive.Keeping an in-house IT staff can be expensive.

2. Gain resources you wouldn’t have access to otherwise
Managed services providers often boast partnerships with larger IT companies that have the resources and personnel on hand to solve issues and keep your network running smoothly. By outsourcing IT infrastructure, small businesses can become more competitive, because they’re utilizing similar resources as larger opponents in their respective industries.

“Outsourcing IT systems and services creates a more equitable playing field between small firms and large enterprises,” Gluck wrote.

“You don’t have to worry about managing complicated network infrastructure.”

3. Decreases IT complexity
Forbes contributor Michael Fauscette reported that migrating to a third-party service provider would be a good way to reduce complexity within computing environments. Once your network is off your shoulders and in the hands of a competent managed service provider, you don’t have to worry about managing complicated network infrastructure. In addition, when complexity is reduced, resources can be freed up for other critical business operations, and CIOs can turn their attentions to enhancing quality of services for clients and generating revenue.

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