COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. Besides the immense impact on healthcare, the pandemic has also challenged the way companies operate. 

To keep up with the times and address the need for continuity, many businesses have transitioned from the traditional workplace to a remote or hybrid working environment. In fact, 70% of companies see the hybrid work model as the new normal

And IT professionals are to thank for the success of this hallmark transition.

The Move To a Remote Workforce

The immediate need for new technological arrangements left many businesses feeling anxious. Yet the IT service providers that stepped up to the challenge were able to bring much-needed innovations to businesses all around the country.

BYOD Policies 

IT professionals have developed strong BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies that ensure workforce productivity along with business information security. Through managed IT services, IT professionals can set certain restrictions and allow workers a level of access that protects data integrity.


Workers have better connectivity through heftier cybersecurity and lead to safer access to company files for businesses. From installing VPNs allowing remote employees to access data to advanced firewalls that kept malware out of company networks, IT professionals juggled it all.

Cloud Services 

Transitioning data capabilities to the Cloud is the first step in enabling a remote work environment. Managed IT Services have made this transition a walk in the clouds, to say the least. IT professionals have helped countless companies continue their operations remotely through cloud services, addressing changing needs due to the pandemic. 


Communication is key to a thriving business environment, and working remotely challenges the way people communicate. By providing VoIP technology to businesses, IT professionals have been able to bridge the communication gap and offer cost-effective solutions to address communication concerns. 

Helping Industries Across the Board

While all businesses have been heavily impacted by the pandemic, businesses centered on healthcare, education, and government have been hit hard. Those who manage these businesses’ IT infrastructures have had to work overtime so that these important sectors can m


Over 70% of countries worldwide have deployed some form of digital instruction. Schools had to shift to online learning platforms to facilitate e-learning. Even though schools are gradually reopening worldwide, IT professionals still have their work cut out for them as they develop better video conferencing tools and suites. 


There has been an increase in the popularity of teleconsults over the past year. Even with the acceptance of online consultation, people are still clamoring for an improved patient experience. IT professionals are continuously developing better software that allows for seamless information integration and online assessment tools that can help healthcare workers remotely deliver the best services. 


IT professionals have been able to help government offices transition from the traditional office environment to a hybrid workplace. Government workers can work remotely on a secure system to ensure continuity of services even in light of the pandemic. IT professionals are working hard to develop new security protocols and improve antivirus software to ensure data integrity. 

Issues Facing IT Professionals

The problems facing IT service providers have evolved because of the pandemic. From the technical issues to the lack of manpower, the pressure has never been higher for these individuals.

Data Breaches 

Recently, there have been multiple cyberattacks targeting businesses and governments worldwide. Covid phishing scams are also reasonably common. Developing stronger antivirus programs and enhancing security protocols are hurdles that IT professionals must constantly overcome. 

Lack of Manpower 

The increase in the demand for managed IT services has grown exponentially during the global pandemic. Meanwhile, the workforce has shrunk, requiring the IT professionals who are working hard to work that much harder.

A Chance to Say “Thanks”

ISG Technology works hard to allow its clients to unlock possibilities for their business. This is a huge reason why ISG Technology has created Project RecognITion, an initiative designed to honor the individuals who have put their efforts into providing IT services under these unusual circumstances.

Is there someone at your company who has gone above and beyond the normal limits of your IT department? Nominate the IT professional who has made a difference for you and your company!