Malware removal essential as new study shows 100 percent of companies have malware

Malware infection has become effectively ubiquitous, according to Cisco's recently released 2014 Annual Security Report. In the study, 100 percent of companies surveyed were found to be hosting some kind of malware. Given the preponderance of malicious software, the need for malware removal services is high in today's business world.

According to the study, malicious exploits are finding their way into high-level resources such as web hosting servers, nameservers and data centers. Penetrations often go undetected for long periods of time. And more than nine out of 10 web exploits are tied to Java.

"Of all the web-based threats that undermine security, vulnerabilities in the Java programming language continue to be the most frequently exploited target by online criminals," the report stated. "[These] far outstrip those detected in Flash or Adobe PDF documents, which are also popular vectors for criminal activity."

The Java Runtime Environment has long been a favorite target of malware authors because it supports an enormous number of devices and offers a very broad range of functions, providing many possible attack vectors, a TechTarget article noted. Given the complexity of securing any device that may be run on Java, companies are also forced to handle malware reactively. By enlisting a malware removal provider, businesses can locate and address some of the malware that, statistically, is inevitably in their environment.