For years, salespeople had to travel all across the country to create new contacts and grow business – a time consuming and expensive undertaking. With the advent of the Internet, this endless travel was dramatically reduced. But meetings with clients and vendors are still necessary and some things are better discussed face-to-face. Luckily, enterprises can now take advantage of video conferencing to schedule meetings with anyone in any place.

The ability to conference enables organizations to have face-to-face meetings with clients without physically having to be together, providing the necessary personal touch while dramatically reducing the cost of travel. Video conferencing also provides operational efficiencies within an enterprise as well. Remote workers and employees located in different offices can all come together easily through the use of video conferencing and company-wide meetings can be offered through an existing unified communications platform to provide a streamlined user experience.

Video conferencing offers organizations the ability to rapidly communicate with necessary parties. In the current fast-paced business environment, sometimes even just a few minutes can give a company a competitive advantage. If one organization can communicate important information to their team quicker than another, the fast enterprise will come out on top.

Utilizing video conferencing not only increases the speed of business communication, it also improves the efficiency and effectiveness of those messages. Emails can often be misinterpreted and take additional, unnecessary steps to arrive at a conclusion. Video conferencing provides the straightforward aspects of a phone call with the visual capabilities of an email to create a clear and streamlined communication tool.

Through the use of other modern UC features that utilize desktop virtualization, like screen sharing, video conferencing can become a completely interactive resource that increases the productivity, collaboration and innovation of a company.