What Office 365 can offer to education

Educational institutions are responsible for teaching future generations how to operate in the real world, particularly as employers increasingly look for tech-savvy staff members. Microsoft Office remains the most widely-used productivity suite within education and business environments. Students are taught how to put together a PowerPoint presentation, record and analyze data trends within Excel and complete written assignments through Word. Microsoft is aiming to modernize teaching and prepare students for the next steps by empowering them with effective technology like Office 365.

Remote accessibility

The biggest benefit of Office 365 in education is the fact that it can be used outside of the school. According to Microsoft numbers, over 110 million students and teachers leverage Office 365 at school and at home. The software ensures that everyone can create, collaborate and communicate effectively. If a student stays home sick, he or she can still finish assignments, catch up on the lecture and contribute to the class. This type of accessibility keeps everyone together so that lessons can proceed without anyone feeling left out. Office 365's remote capabilities also give students a taste of the potential for mobile, remote and work from home opportunities given by employers. Pupils learn how to be productive on devices even at home and manage their time wisely.

Office 365 enables students to use resources from anywhere. Office 365 enables students to use resources from anywhere.

Software skills for the future

Interacting with Office 365 and its various modules is critical to developing students into capable members of society. Office staples like Word, PowerPoint and Excel are minimum requirements for a variety of jobs. Understanding the ins and outs of these programs will help students perform more effectively in the real world, according to Ed Tech Magazine. Students might even learn how to use Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online, serving as major building blocks for future skills. More employers are looking for candidates to understand how to store and share documents, use conferencing tools and leverage email effectively. With Office 365, modules can be added over time to teach students as they progress through their school journey. 

"Schools can scale their features according to future demand and change their modules."

Power of the cloud

The cloud is a powerful asset for businesses and schools alike. Office 365 for Education offers more sophisticated and engaging features than a traditional suite, all through a cloud platform. Schools can scale their features according to future demand and change their modules at any time to reflect world demands. This ensures that students get immediate support as technology changes, supplying them with the most relevant skills. In addition to adjustable modules, educational institutions can take advantage of the integrated, holistic experience of Office 365 that power better learning outcomes.

Educators must strive to keep up with the times and ensure that their students will become productive members of society. Much of this entails teaching pupils how to use technology effectively to collaborate, communicate and complete tasks. ISG Technology has the expertise to configure and manage your Office 365 setup to enable future generations. For more information on what Office 365 can offer the education space, contact ISG Technology today.

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