What UCaaS Is, and All The Things It Covers

Just based on the language, unified communications seems pretty simple to understand. Bringing all of your communications under one provider umbrella is a smart, cost-saving idea that isn’t inherently new. Delivering this as a service is also familiar (UCaaS), perhaps more so than with other online IT solutions. But UCaaS encompasses much more than just the obvious phone, text, and email communication methods. There’s so much more to UCaaS.

What is UCaaS?

Think of all the ways a business communicates daily. Even inside an office, people call each other, email back and forth, and maybe send instant messages to each other. Larger companies with more disparate workforces might also utilize video conferencing and video calls.

The purpose of UCaaS is to make communication between companies and clients simpler. It brings all the various communication methods that companies use under one service provider; that provider often manages the implementation and upkeep of the communication solution as well.

If you can imagine a way to get in touch with a client or coworker, the odds are good that a top-notch UCaaS company can make it happen for you.

What are the major components of UCaaS?

  • VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol is nothing new, but its rapid adoption as an enterprise level telephony solution is. From either end of the connect, a VoIP call isn’t inherently different from a regular phone call; what’s different is the method of communication. Instead of information being transmitted through an old-fashioned landline, data packets are transmitted from one end of the call to the other through internet connections. This is similar to how your cell phone works, but it also gives businesses multi-line solutions that can be tied to desk phones. And, it gives users the option to log into their accounts from anywhere in the world to make a call. Say goodbye to long distance phone call costs; with more than 80% of Americans owning a smartphone, your workers are already primed to adopt this technology.
  • Conferencing – Web, audio, or video conferencing are great ways to connect offices around the world, bring teleworkers into a conversation without needing them in the office, and more. High quality conferencing systems allow for many different users in a single meeting, let you record the meeting for later use or reference, highlight speakers, and more.
  • Messaging, Email, and Texting – The vast majority of individuals have their smartphones in their hands more often than not. This means your employees can be reached by text, messaging, or email. The same is true for your customers and clients. In fact, many customers would prefer to get a text or start a chat with a company rather than call them – yet few businesses offer this opportunity. UCaaS can help you make this a feasible business option.
  • Integrated Communications – This is one of the newer and more exciting features of UCaaS. Your UC software can mesh with your CRM programs to pull up customer data as you’re talking. AI based on previous recorded calls can give you crucial information about the customer on the line and let you know how to best address their needs.
  • Flexibility – UCaaS companies are aware that your business isn’t static, and the best companies are ready to grow with you. Many management businesses offer the ability to choose the services you need, then add on as your business expands. Companies aren’t one-size-fits-all, and neither are their communications needs. Great UCaaS companies understand that.

Instead of relying on half a dozen different programs and systems to keep your business connected, bring all of your communications under one united umbrella. You’ll be glad you did.