Why you should consider a career at ISG Technology

Finding a new job is hard, especially if you’re an experienced IT professional. You’re no longer looking for a position that will just hold you over; you want a career that you can grow into over the years. You want a company that knows what you’re worth and what you’re trying to get out of life, both personally and financially. You simply want something better.

If that sounds like you, we may have your answer. ISG Technology is always looking for skilled IT workers to join the team, and we only want the best. Our top-notch benefits and history of success have brought many of IT’s finest into our ranks, and we’re sure you’ll be impressed by what we have to offer.

We’ve stayed strong while others have stumbled

We very often hear stories in the news or rumors on the streets of managed service providers laying off employees due to business failures. While we certainly won’t admit to being perfect, we do pride ourselves on our continued success within this sector. Since 1982, ISG Technology has helped clients align technology decisions to their business goals, and we’ve been going strong ever since.

“We pride ourselves on our continued success.”

Our devotion to quality services has allowed us to grow to a dozen facilities all across the Midwest, which have created more than 175 jobs for our highly trained professionals. This massive growth in our IT infrastructure has enabled us to diversify our offerings, giving us the ability to work in IT consulting, managed services, cloud solutions, support and countless other IT business endeavors.

What all of this means for you is that we are an ever-expanding company. We’re certainly proud of what we’ve done, but we aren’t content to sit on our laurels. We want to innovate, change and grow with the times, and that means we need skilled individuals to come along for the ride.

Our employee benefits are hard to beat

We here at ISG Technology know that work-life balance plays a major role in your mental health. While we expect all of our workers to give 100 percent while they’re on the job, we also make a point of rewarding each and every one of our employees. To begin, we have an extremely generous paid-time-off program with seven paid holidays, and we fully support our staff’s right to have a day off every now and then.

We also offer maternity and paternity leave. While we’d hope that all of our employees begin to see ISG Technology as a family rather than a workplace, we know that your real family comes first and we would never want to get in the way of something as important as the addition of a new son or daughter. As a fourth-generation family-owned business, we fully understand the importance of being with your loved ones on such a joyous occasion.

Outside of personal time, ISG Technology also offers a host of monetary benefits. On top of a highly competitive salary for our positions, we also have a 401k matching program and spending accounts for many of our employees. While we do have a commitment to the financial well-being of our staff members, these benefits are also meant to improve our overall business.

Giving birth is an exciting time, and we wouldn't want you to miss it.

No person – mother or father – should have to miss out on those first days with a newborn.

A survey from Parature found that 62 percent of consumers will leave a company due to poor client service. By compensating our employees based on what they’re worth, we receive exemplary work from them. This translates to clients staying longer and referring people, which means more money to put back into the company and our staff. It’s the purest definition of a win-win.

We give you room to grow

ISG Technology has a long history of investing in team members. We know that a revolving door of employees is just bad for business, and we want to give you the tools to succeed. We have a deep commitment to continuing education and personal development within our company, and we strive to ensure our employees are as qualified as they possibly can be.

We don’t want to give you a job: We want to help you create a career. If you’re the kind of person that wants a challenging, yet rewarding position, you’re exactly what we’re looking for. Check out our Careers page to find the role that’s just right for you.

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