Despite its growing presence in the business world, there are still IT administrators that are hesitant to deploy cloud initiatives because of concerns about data security and privacy.

It is smart to be concerned about the security of enterprise information, especially when it is being hosted on a relatively new infrastructure. However, an increasing amount of research has shown that not only is the cloud safe, it may even be more secure than on-premises platforms. Any data that can be accessed externally – whether cloud-based or on-premises – is at risk from hackers.

A report by Alert Logic on the state of cloud security revealed that businesses utilizing on-premises storage environments experienced more security incidents than those without cloud solutions, more than twice the amount, in fact. The lower rate of cyberattacks targeting cloud-based solutions is likely due to the fact that service providers are able to focus more on security and governance than organizations that build their own data environments.

Consider all aspects of security
A main component many IT decision-makers forget when discussing information security is confidentiality. As long as the proper access controls are in place and data can only be seen by those who require it, it remains safe. The cloud seems to fly in the face of this idea, as it involves handing over control of information to a service provider. But in reality, using cloud storage services causes businesses to take a harder look at who has access to what data, improving the overall security of enterprise information.

Private cloud environments allow users to keep their data away from that of other companies, and some providers even go so far as to keep encryption keys on client devices so only the data’s owner has access. Many data breaches IT decision-makers believe are caused by the cloud are actually the result of insufficient data security policies and a lack of oversight by in-house IT staff.

Implementing a private cloud storage solution allows sensitive enterprise information to be kept in an environment with integrated security measures, increasing data defense. Only one company’s information is stored within a private environment, which eliminates the chance of outside eyes prying on sensitive data. Working with a knowledgeable service provider is a great way to craft a solution that is tailored to your organization and ensure business-critical information is protected.