Benefits your organization can reap from ITaaS


Managing technology assets and processes internally can be a major strain on budget, time and skill constraints. While there are certain governance and security capabilities that are afforded from on-premise support, these don’t make up for the rising costs of maintenance and provisioning of legacy tools. To overcome these difficulties, organizations should look to team up with a vendor that provides IT-as-a-Service. By implementing ITaaS in your business, there are a number of benefits that you can expect to reap:

1. Reduced expenses

As noted before, supporting and maintaining legacy equipment, particularly in-house, can quickly become very costly. These assets need specific parts or expert evaluations to run effectively, which can impact your budget. If you want to start a new initiative, you have to invest in the right hardware, software and personnel to run it, adding onto your expenses. With tightening financial goals, running everything on-premise is simply no longer feasible or valuable.

ITaaS can help organizations save money. ITaaS can help organizations save money.

An ITaaS provider houses, configures, manages and supports everything for you. This means that you won’t have to place significant investments into new hardware or software solutions. IT Brief contributor Shannon Williams noted that an ITaaS provider can use standardized products to help organizations understand demand and costs more clearly. This will enable businesses to effectively plan their next move and accurately estimate their budget.

2. Better alignment with business goals

Over time, it can be easy for IT operations to be encumbered with numerous solutions that are no longer valuable or don’t fully align with business goals. However, it can be difficult for in-house IT members to recognize this or take action due to dependencies and lack of full visibility. As a result, the chief information officer might create scattered initiatives that are disconnected from business strategy. Organizations must have a clear view into what services are active and how each one is performing.

Pursuing ITaaS, organizations will be able to focus more on core business and innovation efforts. As CIO noted, ITaaS capabilities remove the hassles of managing IT systems while enabling organizations to concentrate more on revenue generation and other initiatives. It will be important not to fall into the traps of marketing hype and instead look to establish effective answer to competitive questions.

Once you have the IT infrastructure you need, you must develop a holistic approach to meet competitive challenges and use the technology to your advantage to improve service quality. This could mean something as small as providing consumers with a feedback system or implementing a customer resource management portal to keep information on each client. This will help improve the experience and can be provisioned by the ITaaS vendor.

“An ITaaS partner can easily provision and implement trending solutions.”

3. Leverage quality solutions

An organization might not have the expertise or resources necessary to build, maintain and support the latest technology offerings on its own. This means that there could be services that aren’t being utilized to their fullest extent. However, an ITaaS partner can easily provision and implement trending solutions for early adoption and long-term benefits. For example, According to McKinsey’s ITaaS Cloud Survey, enterprises are planning to reduce on-premise traditional and virtualized environments. Adoption of dedicated private cloud, virtual private cloud and public IaaS are all expected to increase by 2018. With an ITaaS vendor, organizations can take advantage of these trends and gain quality service.

As new technology emerges and becomes more complex, partnering with an ITaaS vendor can provide significant benefits. Businesses will be able to leverage quality solutions, save costs and better align their technology initiatives with overall goals. Contact a managed service provider like ISG today to see how ITaaS can benefit your organization.

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