Data lost is money lost

When people think of Google, they tend to imagine the search engine giant as an indestructible force in the technical world. It would seem that Google is such a big player that it can handle any and all obstacles thrown in its way. Google's recent foray into literally any part of the technology industry it sees fit to invest in shows the scale at which the company operates. And while Google's data is probably more secure than the average company from hacking attempts, one force it simply can't match is that of Mother Nature.

Nature's power over man was proven recently when one of Google's Belgian data centers was struck by lightening four times. Although a vast majority of data survived (well over 99 percent, in fact) the point still remains that there are some problems that even the biggest of companies simply can't avoid. If Google's data storage is at risk, how can any other company even hope to protect itself from every single threat imaginable?

The real cost of data loss: Downtime
As any company that has lost data can attest, one of the most frustrating parts about losing data is the amount of time and money it takes to get the company up and running again. In order to find out just how much money data loss and downtime costs companies, EMC Corporation spoke to 3,300 IT professions from 24 countries in 2014. A SecurityWeek article about the study reported that organizations of more than 250 people lost some $1.7 trillion due to downtime and data loss in 2014 alone.

That's quite a lot of money to be lost and only speaks to the sheer, unimaginable magnitude of the problem that is data loss. To compound this, the massive amount of lost revenue felt by companies due to this problem is only made worse considering the study's finding that 64 percent of surveyed enterprises ran into downtime or data loss in the past year.

This kind of data should be a rude awakening to companies that think they are above the threat of data loss. No one is completely safe from data loss, and the only way a company can truly protects itself is to back up its data as much as possible. A robust online backup service, such as what is offered by ISG Technology, is peace of mind in a world where industry heavy-hitters like Google can lose data in a freak accident.