Embracing the Modern Office

In a classic episode of The Office (“Dunder Mifflin Infinity”), new technology is pitted against older ways of building relationship. Michael, the often-misinformed branch manager, is convinced that his VP, Ryan, doesn’t understand how business is done.

In frustration, Ryan explains, “Michael, technology helps business okay? You should not resist it. This is the way the world is moving.”

Michael is undeterred. “I happen to think the old ways of doing business are better.”

By the end of the episode, Michael manages to prove two things. First, that technology can definitely be helpful. And two, that you can’t just throw technology at a problem without pairing it with strategy.

He proved the second point by driving his rental car into a lake because his GPS navigator told him to “take a right.”

Shifting to the Modern Office

Just in case you’re unsure of our stance, technology is good—assuming you use the right technology the right way.

Small to medium-sized businesses have a lot of options when it comes to technology. Many of the tools that were cutting-edge just a few years ago are outdated now. The biggest shift in recent years has been a move to cloud-based solutions and services.

When we talk about “the modern office,” that’s what we’re talking about. The cloud.

The Cloud Changed Everything

The average organization dedicates almost 30% of it’s IT budget to cloud services. Not only that, but two out of three SMBs say they rely on cloud solutions as a primary strategy for achieving their business goals. In today’s world, business is done in the cloud.

Why is that? We’re so glad you asked.

One reason will almost certainly resonate with you: savings. In fact, there are some good resources out there that do a wonderful job of explaining how the cloud-based modern office is well positioned to lower costs.

We recommend checking out IBM’s insightful article, “United States of Cloud saves states millions of dollars,” if you’d like to learn more. (While that piece was published in 2015, the core message is still valid.)

But trimming IT costs isn’t the only advantage. Here are three more.

3 Reasons to Make Your Office a Modern Office

Saving money is good. Growing your business strategically is better. The modern office gives you a competitive edge that will help you pull ahead of your competition in three ways.

1. Wired for Convenience & Productivity

Powerhouse tools like Microsoft Office 365 take collaboration to a whole new level. There’s a reason Microsoft’s suite has become the standard in business.

It’s got it all—enterprise-level email service, go-to applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and user-friendly collaboration tools like Teams, Sharepoint and OneNote.

And all of it is cloud-based. That means the convenience of minimal set-up on your end and the flexibility of remote access from anywhere.

2. Backups Save the Day

Do you back up your data? Because you should. Yes, all of it.

Your customer data is the lifeblood of your organization. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and all of it was suddenly . . . gone?

The cloud makes backups easy, allowing SMBs to keep secure, offsite copies of critical data. And there are modern office tools that make the process pain-free. Even restoring your data is a breeze—if you’ve got the right cloud-based backup solution in place.

3. The Unexpected Happens

No modern office is complete without one final element: cybersecurity.

Nearly every week you read about yet another significant data breach. “Ransomware” has become a common household term. And a basic antivirus program is simply not enough to protect your data.

Cloud-based solutions give SMBs access to the same robust cybersecurity tools big businesses rely on. It would be difficult to overstate the value of that kind of protection.

ISG Technology & the Modern Office

If you’re ready to embrace the modern office and make a move to the cloud, ISG Technology can help. Our Modern Office package includes everything listed above, as well as friendly helpdesk support, thorough employee training and strategic, forward-thinking consultation.

It’s the power of the cloud combined with our expertise. As low as $65 per user, it’s extremely affordable.

Are you ready for the modern office? Then you’re ready to partner with ISG. Give us a call today.

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