More and more businesses are turning to managed service providers for their business and IT needs. When a managed solution is adopted and integrated into a company’s existing infrastructure, it enables the organization to shift certain responsibilities to an outsourced, expert team. This offers considerable advantages, especially when it comes to addressing some of the most pressing company pain points.

As this approach continues to become more popular, the market for managed services considerably expands. According to MarketsandMarkets, the global managed services market will reach $242.45 billion within the next four years, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 11 percent.

But how, exactly, does outsourcing specific IT functions benefit today’s businesses? Let’s delve a little deeper to find out:

IT budgeting: An across-the-board challenge

No matter what industry an organization operates within, ensuring that users are being supported with the proper resources while aligning investments with the overall budget is an ongoing battle. As new technological capabilities emerge, it can be tempting to adopt these to help improve productivity and efficiency. However, it’s often difficult to fund these endeavors, especially when these are taken on in-house.

“Managed services allow businesses to eliminate significant up-front costs.”

Many IT strategies require the use of specific hardware and software, which can be very expensive. This, coupled with costs related to staffing, training and other required support can drive up prices even further.

Managed services, on the other hand, allow businesses to eliminate significant up-front costs while still utilizing the most advanced equipment maintained by a staff of experts. The solution vendor is responsible for the purchase of technological components, and its knowledgeable, trained employees update and manage these resources for the business client.

“Ultimately, an MSP will offer a much more extensive level of support for a fraction of the cost,” My I.T. Pros pointed out.

What’s more, the savings enabled by utilizing managed services can be put to better use internally. These funds can be shifted to support other areas of the business, providing financial backing for other important pursuits. This not only addresses the challenge of IT costs, but enables the organization to do more with its available budget.

Bridging the skills gap

A main driving factor behind companies’ decision to adopt managed services revolves around the level of internal expertise within the organization’s staff. Especially within smaller businesses, it can be difficult to find employees with the right IT skills. Some corporations simply don’t have the funds to bring on highly trained  IT workers. The average salary of a systems engineer with a bachelor’s degree hovers around $85,000 annually, according to Sokanu.

As opposed to hiring an individual to fill this role, the business can turn to an expert managed service provider. This vendor provides access to a talented staff at a significantly lower cost. In this way, companies large and small can help cost-efficiently bridge any knowledge gaps that might exist.

Managed services ensure that IT resources are expertly managed by knowledgeable, talented experts. Managed services ensure that IT resources are expertly managed by knowledgeable, talented experts.

Managed service support from ISG Technology

From aligning with available budgets to helping ensure mission-critical platforms are managed by knowledgeable experts, managed services can be a considerable boon for companies in every industry.

When it comes time to adopt managed services, it’s best to work with an experienced service provider that can address your organization’s most important challenges with an array of available solution options. ISG Technology helps ensure that your staff members have all the tools and support they require while keeping your IT costs down.

Our Managed Services – including Backup-as-a-Service, Network Management and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service – can improve agility, eliminate silos and protect sensitive data. To find out more, contact ISG Technology today.

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