ISG Emerging Tech Tour Informs Elected Officials

ISG Technology, a full spectrum Data Center and IT Infrastructure partner and leader in Cloud services played host to business leaders and elected officials for its first-ever ISG Technology Tour on Friday, October 17 at the Sprint Accelerator in Kansas City, MO.  The event featured a full day of presentations by technology innovators and was designed to pair attendees with leading-edge technology experts for a hands-on learning experience that would ultimately benefit the business community as a whole.

“Bringing together a diverse team of government officials, K-12 and higher education technology leaders, startup incubators, and industry experts to discuss new frontiers of technology sparks ideas and enables connections,” said Bob Etzel, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for ISG Technology. “ISG Technology sponsoring this event makes a lot of sense. We bring together on-premises IT infrastructure solutions, along with Cloud, IT services and the robust bandwidth needed to tie it all together.”

Presentations were given throughout the day on a variety of cutting-edge technology topics including the role of the Sprint Accelerator in Kansas Economic Development, the mobility application revolution, the role of the KC Start Up Village in bringing entrepreneurs to the Kansas City area, the use of drones in Kansas agriculture and industry, the impact of the Cloud as a data storage solution, an overview of big data analytics and 3D printing and the rapid growth of biotechnology in the Kansas Corridor.

Presenters included Doug Dresslaer of the Sprint Accelerator, Darrin Clawson of Engage Mobile, Adam Arrendondo, Matthew Marcus and Melissa Roberts of the Kansas City Start Up Village (KCSV), Eric Tabor of ISG Technology, Terry Pallotto of Tukuh Technologies, Laurie Kistler of Laurie Kistler Consulting and Mark Hoffman of UMKC.

Technology is fueling the Kansas City entrepreneurial scene.  During the event, common themes included how to bring tech talent to Kansas City and provide proof of business concepts using technology.  Discussions were held around involving students as participants for high growth projects, increasing awareness and encouraging participation.

“Find someone who likes to play in the space and engage,” said Laurie Kistler of Laurie Kistler Consulting.

Those elected officials in attendance included Senator Julia Lynn of Olathe, Representative Barbara Bollier of Fairway, Representative Tom Sloan of Lawrence, Representative Jon Wilson of Lawrence and Lenexa City Councilman Andy Huckaba.

Another highlight of the event was a lunchtime presentation by Stan Herd, the internationally acclaimed sculptor of huge earthwork projects or crop art as it’s known.  Herd spoke about the important role that connecting with others in the business community has had not only on his artwork but on his ability to positively impact communities where he completes his projects.

“It’s not so much about the work—it’s about building a community and engaging in the dance to build a startup, or a monumental crop artwork,” said artist Stan Herd. “We get everyone—the local population, technology people, universities, kids—involved.”

  • Artist Stan Herd discusses the importance of building a community to accomplish huge earthworks.
  • Technology experts Miles Franz from ISG Technology, and Vince Miller from Johnson County Community College.
  • Steve Kearney from Kearney and Associates discusses the implications of technology with Representative Barbara Bollier.
  • Senator Julia Lynn meets with Adam Arredondo and Melissa Roberts of the Kansas City Start Up Village.