Critical data backups—both on and offsite.

When mission-critical data is on the line, ISG’s Cloud Backup Service can help ensure that your backups are available for quick and effective restores.  And even more importantly, our “managed” option provides the ability to restore locally from our Local Backup Appliance or directly over the Internet from our Cloud Backup Repository.  It truly offers one of the most complete and effective backup services available at such an affordable price-point.

$1,000 Free Cloud Connect ServicesKey Benefits:

  • Support for both VMware & Hyper-V VMs
  • Hosted solution—no software licensing or hardware to purchase
  • Affordable monthly fees—no capital investment
  • Fully managed backup process, including restores & remediation
  • Local primary backup repository established for faster recovery
  • Easy setup & implementation
  • Internet-based, SSL encrypted data transfers – no site-to-site VPN required
  • Faster data transfers through de-duplication/compression & WAN acceleration


Here’s how it works…

Our hosted solution takes full advantage of Veeam® Availability SuiteTM backup functionality to generate de-duplicated and compressed backup files, storing them to the ISG-provided and managed Local Backup Appliance.  This best-practice appliance allows us to restore quickly from an onsite, primary backup repository.  The backup process is configured and automated according to Recovery Point Objectives you specify.  Once local backups are created, these upload-optimized backups are then transferred via Veeam Cloud ConnectTM securely over the Internet to ISG Cloud Storage for restore purposes.  Our process helps to ensure faster individual restores from the local appliance while at the same time maximizing offsite backup transfer speeds with manageable file sizes.


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Offsite Repository Services for Existing Veeam Customers

For companies that have already purchased Veeam licensing and would like to complete their 3-2-1 backup objectives with offsite backup copies, Veeam backups can be easily transferred offsite to the ISG Cloud Backup Repository via Veeam Cloud Connect.  Participation requires Veeam v8 (Update 3) or higher as well as sufficient Internet bandwidth to transmit backup changes effectively each night.


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