Industry: Industrial Equipment

John Deere Equipment dealer increases efficiency with Help Desk. As one of John Deere Construction Equipment’s largest dealers, ISG’s first Support Center client provides full sales and product support through 28 locations serving Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska,  and Western Missouri. Along with corporate offices in Wichita, KS, each location has a full complement of equipment and parts inventories, service technicians and field service capabilities. Continued expansion and excellent client service maintains their place as the centerpiece of their long-range planning.


The company’s client base comprises a finite set of businesses needing heavy construction equipment. “It is imperative that every one of our client is happy with the service we provide,” states the company’s Assistant Controller. “They are our number one priority. We recruit and hire with client service in mind— not necessarily computing skills. With 16 locations and 700 employees, we needed the support of a full IT staff but lacked the skills internally. Our employees were hired to serve the clients, not service and diagnose daily computer problems. Employees from various locations were calling the corporate office with all of the computer issues. It often took us days to respond and deliver a solution. And, it took managers off task to work through the issues.”


The company worked with the ISG office in Wichita to implement the ISG support center service across all of their locations. When an employee needs IT support, they call the ISG support center via a personalized toll-free phone number. The number is answered with the company name– as if it was answered within their building. A trouble ticket is entered and the status of each ticket is available through the web. The Support Center handles standard desktop applications, network management issues and a custom John Deere application for all 16 locations. When on-site service is required, ISG will dispatch out a service technician to resolve the problem. Management reports are provided on a monthly basis to assist with decision-making.


  • Desktop application support
  • Network administration support
  • Call logging/categorizing
  • Call triage and routing
  • Dispatch services
  • Call monitoring and escalation
  • Call closure and confirmation
  • Management reporting
  • Client satisfaction survey

“The support center has been a very cost effective solution for delivering quality support to our employees. It provides a single point of contact to manage all of our daily computing issues. Most importantly, it allows us to focus on our core business,” states the company. Support Center delivers quick resolution to end user computing problems.

“With the depth of support that ISG provides and by instituting a consistent process, there is no doubt that problems are solved faster and our employees spend more time serving clients,” states the company. “We are getting more than a help desk, we get the skill of an entire IT staff.”

The benefits of the solution include:

  • Reduce IT costs
  • Increase end-user service levels
  • Focus on core projects
  • Eliminate turnover
  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce personnel issues
  • Save on training and certification expenses