ISG Technology SecurityOur premier partnership status with industry-leading security solution manufacturers gives us the ability to create a realistic protection plan by balancing performance rates with end-user needs. Combined efforts between IT and senior leadership teams proactively takes a step against cybercriminals, safeguards your brand, and protects you against loss.

SecurityLittle-minNetwork Perimeter: With mobility, your network perimeter has evolved beyond the physical limits of your campus. ISG recommends a multi-layered approach to protect outside your network perimeter and inside your organization.

EndPoint Protection: An incredible number of devices are now accessing resources on your network. ISG can help you set up a BYOD policy to help you control and manage the threats facing your network. Protect yourself with a combination of security hygiene that disrupts incidents and security intelligence that spots significant risks.

Monitoring and Management: Continuous monitoring is part of an overall strategy to prevent large-scale data breaches. It’s not enough to “set it and forget it.” You’ll need a partner who can help you identify a pattern of malicious behavior and take swift, proactive steps to mitigate the risk. ISG can also help you set up the proper IT infrastructure to store and retrieve the data most effectively.

Intrusion Detection: Connectivity is more important than ever, but with connectivity comes risk. Detecting and preventing malicious attacks from outside your network can be the difference between success and irreparable damage to business reputation. ISG can help you evaluate your security needs and implement solutions that take your business into the future.

Content Filtering: Proper internet content filtering for your internal users and workstations can result in reduced security risk and increased productivity. Get to know your options by contacting an ISG expert, who will review available solutions that best fit the needs of your systems and your team members.

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